Nursing Project Plan (DNP Project)

Nursing Project Plan

This assignment is considered a stepping-stone for the DNP project (PROJECT TOPIC: For the elderly patient in the medical-surgical unit at HM Hospital, will implementation of hourly rounding by nurses as compared to current practice will decrease fall in ninety days? ).

Based upon both needs and resources that have been identified in prior assignments (see attached), students are to design an evidence-based solution/intervention intended to address the need(s) of the subject population.

This plan should be based on the concept of maximizing use of available resources (consider your inputs from the logic model you created) to optimize outcomes of the subject population.

Reference the school Project Timeline (Jan -March 2021) considering your project plan/timeline.

This plan/timeline will be utilized over the three DNP Practicum courses (DNP Practicum 1 Spring 2020, DNP Practicum II Fall 2020, and DNP Practicum III Spring 2021) and should be developed to include all necessary tasks and meetings for implementation, management and evaluation of your project.

Also using excel for the project plan see the youtube link below. The grading rubric is also attached.

Please follow the attached grading RUBRIC. ***A Gantt chart can be created if preferred, but any timeline format is fine as long as it is easily adaptable for change.

This is one of many videos that I found helpful on YouTube.

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