Nursing Professional Practice Project

Please confirm if you have access to CINHAL, MedLine to research the articles and that you can
provide an outline of the presentation prior to the due date of 2/20.
This is a 7 – 10 page powerpoint, articles must be summarized in a separate doc and speaker
notes must be added.
Please provide estimate.
Here are additional details

Research and select 3 current articles written from 2006-2016, about a current professional
practice topic (NOT a clinical topic), these can include the following subjects (but not limited to):
• Case Management
• Advance Nursing Practice
• Education Preparation of Nurses
• Health Care Delivery Systems
• Legality in Nursing
• Communication in Nursing
• Professionalism in Nursing (ie. Uniforms, organizational involvement)
• Leadership and impact on working environment
• Patient Care Delivery systems
• Financial impact and cost containment issues
• Quality Initiatives
• Staffing Ratios
• Ethical Issues affecting nursing
• Other topic may be considered after consultation and approval by instructor
Introduce the topic then, for each article, summarize the key points in no more than 2 paragraphs
for each article. Then describe the significance of these articles (why is this important). Finally,
summarize the implications these articles in current nursing practice (what affect does this topic
have on nursing).

Researching should be conducted in such data bases as CINHAL, MedLine etc.
Student will develop narrated PowerPoints and post on Blackboard. Each student will comment
on 2 student presentations.
Reference Page APA (including grammar, punctuation, etc)
Summarization of articles (avoid long quotes)
Narrated PowerPoints:
*Include information needed to give a thorough understanding of topic, Narrative and notes to
explain each slide, PP presentation completed before deadline, meets or exceeds required
length (7-10 slides)Significance of articles /Implication to practice
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Discussion board respond to 2 fellow student presentations.

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