Nursing Leadership and Management

The goal of this paper is to apply the concepts emphasized in this week’s class activities to a
nursing organization that students work at, or are familiar with from past clinical or work
experiences. There are resources for most of the agencies on the web for further research but be
aware that students must have some familiarity with the organization to complete this paper. This
does not need to be a hospital and may include home care, public health agencies, or nursing
homes. If you are concerned about whether your choice of agency is appropriate please check
with course faculty. Be sure to integrate multiple resources.
Paper Guidelines:
APA format with a title page etc. Maximum of 4 double spaced pages in length excluding title and
reference page. Use subheadings to organize the paper.
Minimum of 5 references for full points.One of these references may be the class text. Be sure
references are scholarly.

There should be evidence in this paper that you have read and integrated the learning resources
posted for this week.
The paper must answer and focus on the following questions:
Introduce the facility. What is the mission of this agency? After reading the mission what can you
say about this organization’s values?
See if you can locate a copy of the organizational structure. Remember some facilities will have
a separate structure for the nursing department that you may be more familiar with. If you cannot
locate a copy of the structure, frame your response around what you know. What type of
organizational structure is it? (refer to pp. 302-304 in your text) Where are the decisions made?
Where is nursing on the chart and who does the Chief Nursing Officer report to? How is
communication and decision making affected by the organizational structure of the facility?
Is there a Shared Governance Model within this organization? What are the advantages of the
Shared Governance Model for nursing? Remember shared governance is not just – ‘yes we have
input into decisions’ but a formal process for shared decision making. Give specific examples.
Who do you feel the stakeholders are for this organization? Give specific examples. (See text).
Briefly touch on the culture of the organization. Give specific examples. See Display 12.3, p.307
in your text.

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