Nursing: Law and Ethics

Nursing: Law and Ethics

Analysis of Law Manuscript Write a scholarly manuscript in APA format as follows:

Choose a health care delivery issue from your readings related to nurses in advanced roles.

For example, what is the relationship between

• nurses in advanced roles and delegation to unlicensed assistive personnel; or,

• nurses in advanced roles and emergency psychiatric admissions; or,

• nurses in advanced roles and the emergency medical treatment and labor act (EMTALA); or,

• nurses in advanced roles and assisted suicide; or,

• nurses in advanced roles and violence in the workplace.

Find specific regulatory or statutory language that currently defines your chosen issue (i.e., find the exact phrase in either the federal or state regulation or law that is used to legislate how this issue is currently enforced).

Reflect on how this language should be tweaked to better meet the clients, students, or organizations you serve.

Conduct a thorough search and retrieve evidence from valid, reliable, and credible legal, health policy literature and legislative websites that support your tweaked language.

Provide a scholarly analysis of your legal issue and how it should be changed to better reflect current policy and practice. Follow this format.

Title page

Abstract page

Introduction and background

• identified issue/ problem

• gap in existing statutory language related to that issue

• purpose of this paper to address that gap in the statutory language

Current law and proposed statutory change

Literature review

Stakeholders, Triggers and Barriers Plan for change, implications and recommendations for practice




Your manuscript should be no more than 15 pages (excluding appendices); remember, this document is 30% of your total grade and it is expected that it is of publishable quality.

Therefore, it is suggested that you utilize an editor prior to submission to your instructor for grading should you require assistance with spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, paragraph structure, or APA formatting.

Review the grading rubric for this assignment prior to submitting your paper for a grade.

It can be found under the course documents.

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