Nursing Eugenics Reflection Assignment

Points for the assignment: 10
Assignment overview:
This assignment invites you to research the U.S. eugenics movement and compare it with Nazi
eugenics. In the second half of the assignment we are asking you to reflect on the degree to
which eugenics thinking is present in society today using Down’s Syndrome screening and your
response to this. Be sure to respond to the questions below.
Assignment instructions:
Reflection: Compare and contrast the U.S. eugenics movement and Nazi eugenics. Reflect on
what is similar in both movements and what is different. In what ways is the thinking underlying
these movements present in contemporary society? Is this good or bad? Morally praiseworthy or
Type a 2-page reflective journal entry describing your response (what you were thinking and
feeling) as you read about the U.S. and Nazi eugenics movement. (5 points)
Down’s Syndrome Screening
Read the UpToDate Summary of Down’s Syndrome Screening in the US. available on the
assignment page in 2GU.
• Write a two–three page paper which addresses the following areas: o
How is this testing similar to the eugenics movement of the past? o
How is it different?
o What impact does the current screening have on our society as a whole?
Prepare these as one document and upload them together.

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