Nursing Ethical Issues

Aim: This aim of this paper is to explore one ethical issue that you identified during your current
clinical placement and to develop strategies that would restore or enhance the ethics in the
situation and promote either autonomy or justice. You will use one of the seven value statements
from the CNA Code of Ethicsto help you identify and analyze the ethical issue. You will use the
peer reviewed scholarly literature to support your strategies. A secondary aim is to evaluate your
ethical reasoning so that you can describe how you would know that your plan has enhanced the
integration of the value statement and created a positive impact on patients or the ethical
Paper Details:
This paper must use APA 6th edition formatting. The maximum length does not include the
references or title page. Please see the grading scheme for grades distribution. Should your paper be longer than six APA formatted pages, the additional pages will not be graded as part of
this assignment.
You are required to use three peer reviewed journal articles from the ethics literature. You cannot
use articles that were part of the syllabus. Additional (and necessary) sources such as the CNO
standards and references to support your theory do not count towards the required three peer
reviewed journal articles.

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