Nurse Professional Portfolio. Profesional Nurse Portfolio


Purpose: As you prepare for your new career, you will want to show prospective employers your
qualifications, background, and achievements. First, you need to describe your ideal NP position.
This step helps you develop a customized resume and cover letter for the position you are
looking for. When you complete your education, you are now ready to begin the next phase of
this transition: employment.
Directions: Continue working on Topics 5–7 of your ePortfolio. Submit a PDF file of sections five
through 7 in the appropriate Dropbox by the end of the last day of Unit 2.
Resume: Develop a resume that is no more than three pages and includes contact information,
at least three professional goals, all undergraduate degrees and certifications, all previous formal
education, recent continuing education or training, employment history, and accomplishments
such as awards or publications.
NP job description: Describe your ideal NP position with details of duties and responsibilities
(look at NP job descriptions on the Web for structure), work environment, patient population,
interdisciplinary team members, salary requirements with expected benefits, scope of practice
(i.e. independence versus collaboration), and hours.
Cover Letter: Write a cover letter for the above position you just described. Make sure your cover
letter includes a career goal, a paragraph that explains why you are a perfect fit for this job, and
how your background, training, and education qualifies you for this job.

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