Nurse Management Orientation Program Proposal

Management Orientation Program Proposal
You have the opportunity to create a proposal to present to the leadership team for the orientation of new nurse managers. This project will include the creation of an orientation using leadership and management topics that will be selected to support the nurse manager as he or she transitions into the new role. This project will compile specific topics, resources and facilitators to support a new nurse manager as they get acclimated to the organization or unit. APA citations expected.

Your proposal should include:

Introductory and concluding remarks
Identify 8 specific topics to support the new nurse manager
Learning objectives for the lesson(s)
Rationale for including each topic with a synthesis of professional literature
Recommendation of internal and or external materials for each topic
Recommendation of a facilitator for each topic
Rationale listing why the materials and facilitator(s) are the most appropriate choice for that topic
Two or more scholarly resources to support the rationales
Support your discussion and opinions with facts, relevant examples from personal nursing practice.

All submissions must have a minimum of two scholarly references to support your work.

(minimum of 8)
topics for
orientation in a
Justifies the
inclusion of the
topic using peer
reviewed and/or
sources in the
speaker notes.
Assembles an
outline of the
necessary at
completion of
orientation in the
Power Point.
Details resources
and facilitators
(internal &/or
external) to use
Explains why the
materials and the
facilitator are the
most appropriate
choice for each

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