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During this course, you will be developing an Individual Professional Practice Document (Word) that will illustrate the regulations, requirements, certification, and rules of the state in which you plan to practice as an APRN upon graduation. Using the document you submitted in Module 1, please add the following information:
Using the Nurse-Practitioner-Qualification Website select Massachusetts to practice in as an Advance Nurse and click on the link for the state Nurse Practice Act. This document is located on each State Board of Nursing and will identify the regulations for the NP scope of practice for that state. In addition, Appendix 2A in the Buppert text will provide you with information as well. Please review the nurse practice act and provide a summary of the scope of practice for NP’s in the state you intend to practice.
Using the Nurse-Practitioner-Qualification Website feature, click on the state(s) you expect to practice in as an APRN and access the nurse practice act for that state. Review the information related to the state’s physician collaboration/supervision requirements, if applicable. Do not address prescriptive practices in this assignment. You are addressing the regulations related to practice in the advanced role. In addition, see Appendix 2B in the Buppert text. Provide a summary of any restrictions of practice and supervisory/collaborative practice agreements that are required related to the scope of practice. Please provide a hyperlink to this information.
Identify the Regulatory Agency for NP Practice See Appendix 3A in the Buppert text.
Provide information related to the qualification and licensing for APRN’s and include the Hyperlink to where you located this information.
Identify the NP qualification requirements (do not address prescriptive authority yet) for the state(s) in which you plan to practice as an APRN accessible by clicking on the Nurse-Practitioner-Qualification Website. In addition, see Appendix 3B in the Buppert text.
Identify the APRN licensing requirements for the state you intend to practice.Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners link
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