New Graduate Nurses and Job Market

In early transition to practice, the socialization of the professional nurse entails establishing meaningful team relationships through effective communication, stress management, cultural competence, ethical-decision making and identifying/utilizing resources. New graduate nurses face a host of challenges that impact successful transition to practice. Health care organizations thus need to understand how changes in the health care landscape impact new graduate nurses who are transitioning to the practice environment. However, in an ever-changing health care environment, one thing that remains unchanged is the demand for nurses, and the need is more critical now than ever before. Leaders across the country have implemented creative strategies to address the challenges employers face in successfully transitioning new nurses from academia to real-world practice.
After reading the articles (Transition of New Graduate Nurses to Workforce and Transition-Healthful Environment) on this topic, what are your views on academic preparedness for the real world of work, some possible challenges you as a graduate may experience, and strategies you have acquired during your academic journey as a nursing student that could help to narrow the gap of a novice nurse and the interrelationships he/or she will need to relate to in providing quality care to patients?

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