National Institutes of Health (Website Evaluation Assignment)


Review the website associated with the National Institutes of Health. Look at the sections on Natural Products and Mind and Body Practices. Select one area on SignUpGenius (NATIONAL PRODUCTS) and find a research article. The natural product could be an oil or herb, and the practice might be yoga or meditation. Summarize the information in the article and explain how the article’s content does, or does not, support the information provided by the website. Give a brief summary of the movie you watched (Movie: “DEFINING HOPE”) and how the non-pharmacologic intervention you selected could help two main characters in the move you watched?

Answer the following questions:
• 1. Did the information on the organization’s website surprise you?
• 2. Did the research article support the information on the organization’s website? Why or why not?
• 3. Do you believe the natural product, or the mind and body practice would be a beneficial resource for the two main characters in your movie?

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