Multidisciplinary Diabetes Care

Multidisciplinary Diabetes Care

Paper Instructions

1) There should be an overview of the size of the problem and the current body of knowledge regarding aetiology, diagnosis, prognosis and therapy of these conditions as relevant to the topic.

While the dissertation topic is the main focus of discussion, there should be brief mentioning of other aspects for introduction and conclusion purposes.

2) You should aim to review critically current evidence relating to these topics which may lead to changes in clinical practice and comment areas of controversies which require further evidence to improve understanding.

3) To improve clarity of presentation, students should organize their dissertation under headings and subheadings and use diagrams, tables and flowcharts whenever appropriate. -Citing of references is required.

References in single line spacing. Please use the Vancouver style to cite references: Author (Jones, JM …..cite all authors, if more than 12 authors, cite the first 6 authors followed by et al), title, journal, year, volume, page range

• The word count should also be indicated on the last page of the dissertation

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