Measles, Transmission Characteristics, and Risks to Children

Use the headings below when writing your APA case study essay (Except for “Introduction” paragraph which does not need a heading)


Link and review  this website and its links (Links to an external site.):

  1. Introduce the Measles, its transmission characteristics, and its risks to children who contract this virus.
  2. Discuss the purpose of public health policies to vaccinate all eligible children with MMR vaccine. Synthesize “herd effect” and this policy.
  3. Discuss the purpose of the global surveillance system.
  4. From this introduction, explain whether vaccines are a primary, secondary or tertiary level of Public Health practice.

History of Somoa Measles outbreak:

  1. Introduce Somoa (Google search: where on earth, population size, socio-cultural traits, etc.)
  2. (Links to an external site.)View the following
  1. What are the latest total number of cases and deaths?
  2. Synthesize in detail two (2) events that contributed to the current Somoan measles outbreak? What happened? What impact did these events have on the Somoan measles vaccine coverage among the population?

Global Response and Public Health Interventions

  1. Link here and review the massive WHO statements on the regional effort: Dec 16;(Links to an external site.) 
  2. Link here and review the  CDC Somoa Response (Links to an external site.)
  3. Link here and review  the Samoa Gov’t facebook page to view the latest Measles statistics (refresh page to ‘Home’ page & scroll down to New Years Day English-language entry > see more…)(Links to an external site.)
  4. Link and download the seventeen (17) PH intervention definitions. (You will refer to this for the following questions.) Click on the left-hand interventions list to open an intervention’s  definition and examples page. > Scroll down to the intervention’s 2nd page for the definition and level of intervention examples.
  5. To Discuss: from all of the above Case study sources:
    1. Identify and synthesize three (3) interventions from the seventeen (17) PH interventions (listed in #4 above) that were implemented during the Samoa emergency response.  For each intervention,
      1. state and define the intervention, (you may directly quote the PH intervention definitions from the above #4 link; be sure to cite correctly).
      2. State the population-of-interest.
      3. it’s level of intervention (systems, community, individual-family). Some interventions may be interpreted at two levels.
      4. Defend your answer by synthesizing the Samoan response and the public health intervention with the level that it represents. Link below for examples of two (2) correct answers, depending on the distinct implementation of the intervention:

HP 2020, US measles risks and Conclusion:

The Healthy People 2020 goal is to increase the United States’ immunization rates and reduce preventable infectious diseases.

To answer:

  1. What is HP 2020 target number of U.S. measles cases?
  2. How does the HP 2020 target number (from above HP 2020 link) compare to the current U.S. cases reported by CDC? Contrast and compare your findings.
  3. Summarize your awareness of the measles global health risk on the US.
  4. As your county’s public health nurse, conclude with one (1)  public health intervention and it’s level, that you believe is a high priority for your community.
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