How to Write Article Critique

Article Critique Instructions 

Submit a double-spaced; three page paper:

  1. An Introductory paragraph that states the author’s last name, date, and the central focus of the article. Then in this same paragraph: write a purpose or thesis statement—that is yourpurpose or intent in writing this critique.  Also include a brief ‘map’ or ‘preview’ statement of the 5 elements you intend to develop in the body, to support your purpose.
  2. The body of the critique should include the 5 elements of a research article into (use level two headers), starting the first sentence of each paragraph with a topic sentence that focuses on the strengths and/or weaknesses of that element. Be sure to support each point with evidence from the article—quotes, paraphrases.

These are the elements of a research article…in this order, generally:

  • Research Question/Problem—and, generally, the author’s Purpose for writing the article
  • Literature Review and/or a Theoretical/Conceptual Foundation
  • Methodology—data collection and data analysis section
  • Results or Findings
  • Discussion or Implications.
  1. Include a Conclusion that restates your purpose and summarizes the article’s overall strengths and weaknesses. You might also discuss briefly what you learned from this article and in what ways you found it interesting or useful to do this first article critique.


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