Hospital Administration /Health Care Facility Adminitration


Answer the following questions with 250 words each with in text citation

  1. The administrator of a small, acute-care hospital is faced with his first managed care contract. He meets with representatives from the prepaid plan to discuss the amount to be paid to the hospital. The administrator is concerned because the managed care business does not look profitable-the hospital will be reimbursed below its current reimbursement levels. In what ways might the administrator evaluate this new managed care business in terms of its economic value to his institution?
  2. Discuss the most important concept, theory, or idea that you have acquired as a result of taking this course. Explain how you plan to use this concept, theory, or ideas in the furtherance of your career as a management professional.

Answer the following questions with 200 words each

  1. Select and explain how Broward College can use one of the methodologies described in the chapter to service its students. Which one would be an ideal method?
  2. Describe the two primary diagrams most frequently used in project planning.

Answer the following questions in 400 words with in text citation

  1. Which agile methodology would you choose to build a new accounting system? Explain why.
  2. What signs help you identify that a project is experiencing issues? Explain your response

Answer the following questions in 375 words with in text citation

  1. How could more time spent in the analysis and design phase have saved Colorado taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars?
  2. Explain the value of testing and why some projects actually skip this phase.


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