Family Assessment using the Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM): Hypothyroidism

Assignment Instructions:
Choose a family who has a family member with a chronic illness.
The family member name is Female Happy. She is a 64 year old female with past medical history of hypothyroidism and she takes levothyroixine by mouth daily. She has had a thyroidectomy about 20 years ago. She weighs 172lbs and is 5ft 7in tall. She does not drink or smoke.

3. Inform the family that no names will be used for this assignment and get the family member’s verbal permission to conduct the interview. Conduct an interview following the CFAM format on the chosen family. Do not write the paper in an interview format. Use fictitious initials for all names and indicate this in the paper.

4.Write a well organized scholarly paper in APA format. Use a formal tone and third person writing. YOU MUST INCLUDE A GENOGRAM.

NOTE: The below bold phrases suggest headings for the paper. The first heading is never the word “Introduction” rather, wording must match the title of paper. See APA.


Content (80%) – be sure to use textbook (use bolded terms below for headings of paper)

Introduction –
Do not write the word Introduction as a heading. Read APA how to write an introduction with a proper heading, include a few sentences of background of topic followed by…The purpose of this paper is to …

Family Structure –
[Value=40 possible points if all aspects of family composition are included]. Include Extended Family (5 points), Medical History of Members (5 points) Sexual Orientation (5 points), Ethnicity (5points), Race (5 points), Social Class (5 points), Religion (and/or Spirituality) (5 points), Environment (5 points)

Family Developmental Stage
[Value=20 possible points if each topic answered in full]. Identify the stage of the family life cycle as described in textbooks (5 points). Discuss if the developmental tasks that are appropriate for the stage of the life cycle have been met (5 points). Describe the attachment bonds between key family members, INCLUDE A GENOGRAM , as outlined in the Wright and Leahey text (5 points). Watson’s (2011) theory is used as a framework for the Keiser graduate nursing programs. Write one paragraph of 3-4 sentences about Watson’s (2011) theory describing how caring is enacted and conveyed by family members in this family developmental stage (5 points).

Family Functional Status
[Value=20 possible points if questions answered in full]. How does the family describe their communication (emotional, verbal, non-verbal, circular?) (5 points). How does the family problem solve (E.g., pro-active, crisis management, denial)? (5 points) Include and identify family member’s roles, influence and power in this process (10 points) . What are family member’s beliefs about health and illness? (5 points)

Conclusion –
Write a succinct conclusion which restates the purpose of the paper and main concepts discussed.

References –
List references in APA format. All citations must have references and vice versa.

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