Evidence-Based Practice PICO Question


    • Prepare a visual aid, this may include but are not limited to: brochure, handout, etc
    • Visual aid that covers your EBP:
      • Your PICO question
      • What you discovered in your search for information about your PICO question.
      •  Make sure to include information from each of your resources (this means at least 4 facts with citations).
      • What you would recommend for practice (or as a change in practice) based on your research.
    • Be creative and professional with your visual aid for your audience with facts from your presentation.   This is a visual aid of your choosing that should be professional in quality and content. You must cite the sources for any illustrations you use. This is done by putting a caption below the image acknowledging the source.
    • Don’t include the sources of images in your reference list. Please make sure you have permission to use the images as well.


You can create a power point or brochure, for example Please include your references for your project on your visual aid.

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