Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Project Paper

Final Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Project Paper
Overview: The purpose of the Evidence-Based Synthesis Project is to identify a clinical question, search existing literature, and appraise the available research studies (Qualitative and/or Quantitative), and synthesize AND translate the evidence to provide guidance for your clinical question. This is the culmination of the student learning across the semester and represents 35% of the final course grade. This project will be disseminated two (2) ways: 8-10-page paper, and in a Power Point presentation on the final class meeting. Students are required to have a minimum of five (5) current (i.e. published within the last 5 years) articles used for the paper assignment.
PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation: students will create a PPT summary of their EBP Project Paper. The PPT will be posted for presentation to classmates as a 5-10-minute summary. A PPT presentation template will be provided. Required components are noted below with an *.
(Paper grade X 0.90) + (PPT Presentation Grade X 0.10) = Final EBP Project Paper Grade
Rubric for EBP Synthesis Project Paper (* same elements required for PowerPoint Presentation)
___Title page content (2 points)
___*Introduction (problem, background, significance; purpose, PICOT question) (10 points)
___*Current evidence (Literature search description)
___Database(s) utilized (2 points)
___Search terms/phrases used & inclusion/exclusion criteria) in searches (3 points)
___Current sources (2012+) (5 points)
___ Summary of decisions made to arrive at final articles used for appraisal (5 points)
___PRISMA diagram summary (as Appendix A) (5 points)
___ Individual article appraisal summary (minimum 5 articles X 5 points each) (25 points total)
___*Synthesis of current evidence (15 points)
___*Translation to clinical practice: implications of practice change consequences of implementing
current evidence (8 points)

___ *Evidence & Synthesis Tables (Appendix B, C, D as appropriate)
~ Qualitative Table (3 points distributed based on appraised article design)
~ Systematic Review Table
~ Quantative Evidence Table (includes experimental, cohort & descriptive designs)
~ Synthesis Table (4 points)
___8-10 pages limit (does not include title page, references, or appendices) (2 points)
___APA format: 1-point loss for each class of APA error (4 points total)
___Grammar: 1-point loss for type of grammar error (4 points total)
Total points for project paper grade: 100
Turn-it-in will be used for all assignments.
For this EBP Synthesis Project Paper, my PICOT question is
“In acute care settings, what are the effects of implementing purposeful rounding on increasing patient safety and improving the satisfaction of care, compares to no hourly round during the period of admission?”
I also attached a sample paper of the EBP paper.

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