Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Assignment 


Criteria: 4 Points 3 Points 2 Points


1 Point 0 Points Points Earned Total possible points
1. Research articles Articles were:

1) Submitted to med surg instructor by established deadline.

2)  Two approved articles submitted with final paper.

3) Research based

4) < 5 years old


Three criterion met Two criterion met One criterion met No criterion met   4
2. Introduction Paragraph     1) Purpose of paper is clearly stated

2) Significance to healthcare is clearly stated

One criterion met No criterion met   2
3. Summary of Research Articles One paragraph for each research article (2 total). Must contain:

1) sample size

2) Purpose of study

3)Description of study



Three criteria met Two criteria met One Criterion met No criterion met   4
4. Implications for Nursing Practice 1) Clearly describe how the findings impact nursing practice

2) Make specific recommendations for nursing practice/practice changes based on research findings.

 One criterion met;

One criterion not thorough or clearly described

Both criterion are present but neither  are thorough or clearly described Only one criterion present. No criterion met   4
5. Conclusion     1) Restate problem

2) Summarize main points of paper

One criterion met No criterion met   2
6. Sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling 1) Sentence structure clear.

2) Correct grammar

3) Correct punctuation

4) No spelling errors

 (1-2 Errors) (3-4 Errors) (5-6 Errors) (Greater than 6 Errors)   4
7. APA Format (7th ed.) APA format (7th ed.) used appropriately:

1) Title page

2) Page numbers

3) In-text citations

4) Reference page

(1 Error) (2 Errors) (3 Errors) (Greater than or = 4 Errors)   4
Total Points Earned   28
Calculation of grade = total points earned/total possible points X 3 points    



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