Evidence-Based Practice Change Project Proposal Template


Please read instructions carefully, use Template from wk 7, but PICOT week 5. Instructions are
included. Thank you again. And simple language please.
For this assignment, the student will complete the Evidence-Based Practice Change Project
Proposal Template (Links to an external site.). The areas within the template include
identification of the nursing practice issue/problem, PICOT question, theoretical framework,
literature review, key stakeholders, data collection methods, analysis and expected outcomes.
Criteria for Content
Complete the following sections within the Evidence-Based Practice Change Project Proposal

Nursing Practice issue/problem – describe the area of interest and practice issue/problem within
your nursing specialty area. Identify your MSN Specialty Track.
PICOT question – Restate your PICOT question.
Key stakeholders – identify the key stakeholders involved in your practice change project.
Theoretical framework – describe the theoretical framework guiding your practice change project.
Literature review – Summarize the literature review from the Research Summary Table
completed in week 5.
Data collection methods – Describe the data collection methods for your practice change project
Data analysis – Describe how you will analyze the data collected.
Expected Outcomes – What are the expected outcomes from this practice change project?
Preparing the Assignment
Criteria for Format and Special Instructions
Completion of the Evidence-Based Practice Change Project Proposal Template. Title page and
reference page added to the template. Scholarly literature is used – citations and references.
APA guidelines as found in the 6th edition of the manual is followed.

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