Evidence Appraisal Papers :using qualitative research methods

Evidence Appraisal Papers using qualitative research methods
The purpose of this assignment is to appraise/evaluate research articles for evidence merit. One
research articles (using qualitative research methods) will be selected by student. The student will
write the appraisal papers based on the criteria noted below. Follow APA guidelines for this
assignment (e.g., title page, abstract, double-space, reference page, etc.) Maximum 4 pages of
text (beyond abstract, not including reference page).
Elements for Evidence Appraisal Papers
1. Background: issue/problem; importance to nursing
2. Purpose of the study
*3a (Qualitative) Conceptual model/theoretical framework
4. Variables OR phenomena of interest
5. IRB Revie/Ethical sample protection (not in SR)
6. Sample/Setting: recruitment; representative sample
7. Data collection (what, how)
8. Data analysis (Strategies/Stat)
9. Summary of results obtained
10. Implications for practice/research
11. Limitations of research
*12. APA format; Reference/Citations; 4-page limit

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