Engaging the community in health promotion

Identify a community that is being affected by the public health issue that your group is
addressing (remember that while you will all be working on the same health issue within your
small group, you will be developing your own intervention approach). You do not have to
identify specific partners of your coalition, but you should be able to briefly describe your
community (city, county, or other geographic location). This will allow you to ground your
proposal within the demographic and environmental factors unique to your community that
may influence your intervention proposal.

Initial Post:
Title your initial post with your health issue and community (e.g., Diabetes prevention in
Wyoming County, WV). Briefly describe your community, including information regarding the
physical environment (rural/urban, unique characteristics) and demographics (race/ethnicity,
SES, etc.), and the impact of your health issue within the community.
Based on the readings and lectures this week, describe how you would identify stakeholders
within your community and begin to build partnerships. How will you include the needs and
perspectives of multiple members within the community coalition? Be specific in the strategies
you propose to both identify and include a variety of stakeholders in your coalition.

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