Elder Abuse Legal issues

From my instructors guide lines for this paper:

“Legal Issues” might be characterized as issues that are or should best be handled by “laws” that are passed by the legislature or the voters at the ballot box.  These can create new laws or, most often, they amend existing laws by change or modify.  Those laws are then enforced by some various enforcement agencies.”

 “Your overall course goals is to avoid going too deep into any one topic, you will NOT be required to include formal references in footnotes or endnotes. In sum, I am looking for what YOU learned about that topic, that issue and then, most importantly, what YOU think the law should be.”

“Instructions for  Final Papers :

  1. Choose a working title for your paper.
  2. State in your first paragraph the issue you chose.
  3. Explain why that issue is important to Oregon’s elders today.
  4. Add your thoughts on how that issue might evolve over the next decade or two.
  5. Revisit our working title and consider whether it should still be your final title.
  6. Submit your paper for Assignments “ (all of the above is what my instructor is requiring me of).

The following is from my Introduction I have so far, feel free to tweek it so that it has a functional thesis that coincides with all the issues I want to incorporate.

“Elder abuse victims may face increased risk of death, physical or emotional injury, and financial ruin. Legal acts of elder abuse often violate one or more criminal laws and the results have cost society billions of dollars annually in cost to protect those elders that are vulnerable to abuse.  Adult Protection Services, (APS) are the main defense in fighting elder abuse along with other allies within each state that work together to protect the rights of elders who are at risk for abuse.”

Issues to be covered are:

Types of elder abuse

  • Financial exploitation- Elders being taken advantage financially by family, caregivers and on line scams.
  • Neglect- Either by caregivers or by them self
  • verbal abuse
  • physical abuse & abandonment

Adult Protection Services(APS)-Laws in Oregon, provides some of the safety nets that are in place to protect elders who are too often at a higher risk of various types of “abuse”.

Gatekeepers Program— Mandated, required by law to report situation they see of suspected elder abuse.

Adult Protection Services –Statues and laws that are in place to protect vulnerable adults, from abuse , neglect and exploitation. They try to help the client to make their living condition better, not to send them to a alternative home. To protect their rights.

Fast- Financial Abuse Specialty Team(FAST)

 Public Guardian/Conservator’s Program obtains and implements court-appointed guardianship and/or conservatorship for people who are; profoundly mentally incapacitated; unable to care for themselves, and currently at high risk due to abuse, exploitation or extreme self-neglect.

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