Effects and Management of Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC)


Please follow instructions carefully. Doing just the paper portion using APA format. Include 2 to 3
professional references. Must use 1 from textbook. will provide information Other references
must be from a reputable source cdc cgc .gov institution of medicine John Hopkins( all examples
NO .COM) References should not be more than 5 years No abstract page TWO PAGE typed
only Follow directions cover page apa style rubric attached as well
Provide a brief introduction, identifying the topic to be discussed, very brief pathophysiology or
background of the condition, brief description of the assessment process for the patient, as
related to the condition include: nursing care/procedure, risk/benefits, cultural/religious
preferences, socio-economic status, plan of care implanted, complications encountered, holistic
approach and appropriate nursing education provided.

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