Educational Stakeholder’s Audit

Educational Stakeholder’s Audit
Stakeholder Audit (10%)
For the Stakeholder Audit, you must articulate your understanding and ability to identify
stakeholders who should be involved in the communication and engagement process. You should
also include who your stakeholders are, and information about each of the stakeholder’s
influence, interests, and level of understanding of the goals you are attempting to accomplish
through your communication and community engagement. You should also consider the extent
to which the stakeholders are interested in your goals and objective (low to high), and
stakeholders’ ability to include your desired outcomes (low to high). You must also prioritize
stakeholders and a rationale for your prioritization. Overall, the audit should be 3-4 pages
excluding any references. A suggested framework for this assignment is provided below:

• Introduction
o Identify stakeholders and describe each stakeholder’s connection to your community
engagement plan.
• Stakeholder Analysis
o For each stakeholder, provide 1-2 paragraphs wherein you:
 Describe the stakeholder group in greater detail
 Classify the stakeholder as internal vs. external, primary vs. secondary (and
 Describe the stakeholder’s interests and how they compare to those of your
 Discuss the stakeholder’s ties to any social justice issues/systemic issues
• Prioritization
o Describe how you will prioritize your engagement with the stakeholders based on an
analysis of the factors identified in the preceding section.
• Conclusion
o Provide your concluding thoughts on the outcomes of the audit as they relate to your
community engagement plan.

***Refer to my Communication and Community Engagement Context Paper attached below as the stakeholder audit should relate to this paper.

Required Text used in class wants to use as reference in papers:

Parker, Patricia Sue. Ella Baker’s Catalytic Leadership: A Primer on Community Engagement
and Communication for Social Justice. The University of California Press, 2020.

Dumlao, Rebecca. A Guide to Collaborative Communication for Service-Learning and
Community Engagement Partners. Vol. First edition, Stylus Publishing, 2018.