DNP Project. PICOT Question


This writing assignment will give you the opportunity to determine your area of interest for your DNP scholarly project and begin writing chapter one draft for the project. Please complete the readings for this week and last before taking this important step. As a guide to what questions to ask yourself about your phenomenon of interest please follow the directions. Prior to completing the assignment for this week, you must have had an email dialog and phone call with your DNP chairperson about your ideas for the Phenomenon of Interest (POI). Picking out your POI is an important step; you will want to seek guidance so as not to plan a project that is not feasible to successfully complete based on rules in your workplace and design/ timing of your project.


Include the following elements in this draft:

  1. Introduce your specific practice problem to the reader in a few paragraphs to clearly describe your phenomenon of interest (Introduction is not used as a heading in APA style papers, the project title should start the first page of text) You will want to include a few statistics about the issue with citations. These can be a mix of primary and secondary sources, but very limited website use. Citations need to be 10 years or less in age. This section should hook and intrigue the reader.
  2. Describe your interest level and expertise in relation to this phenomenon.
  3. Describe the purpose and aims of your project. One paragraph/no citations. This is a SUPER important part of your project, as this will form the basis of it. The purpose statement is essential to the IRB application. This needs to be as specific (narrow) as possible. “The purpose of my scholarly project is to___________.” Also, include the more specific aims for the project. Include what do you hope for as a result of investigating this particular practice problem
  4. Describe the type of Inquiry and analysis for the project. This is a brief paragraph about your plans for methodology. What kind of inquiry is this? A practice improvement project? A quality improvement project? What method of data collection are you planning?
  5. Describe the background. Two or three paragraphs. Citations need to be all primary sources here. In this section, give the reader a glimpse into what will be coming in your chapter two (a detailed review of literature section). Focus on the background as it relates to your specific purpose. Answer this question: What is known (from the research) about your project problem? This section is more detail regarding the problem and what you introduced at the beginning of this paper.

Assignment Specifics

  • Do not include the questions in this assignment, only the answers.
  • Follow the rubric closely.
  • Aim for 4–5 pages in length not counting title or reference page.
  • This paper will provide a good opportunity to start to really work on your writing skills, including paragraph construction, topic sentences, and grammar. A well written paragraph begins with an opening topic sentence that is general enough to encompass all the sentences that follow. If you think of a scaffold, the topic sentence will be the board at the very top, with all of the other sentences connecting, in a logical manner, below that top scaffold. As you start to write multiple paragraphs, you will want to use transitional words or statements within your topic sentences so that the paragraphs are connected together in a logical way as well. Stop and take a close look at the sample papers in your APA book. You will see good examples of topic sentences and transitional words/phrases used by those authors. In addition, start to pay attention to the way published authors write as you explore the data bases and gather articles for your project and concept analysis.

Important Details to Remember:

  • Be sure to review the rubric for the evaluation criteria for this paper as 4–5 pages in length not including title or reference page.
  • Chairperson approval of your project idea and plans are necessary to complete this assignment.
  • Contact/ Email your instructor to discuss your POI topic and paper.

Similarity Score

  • After submitting your assignment, select Submission Details to view your similarity score.
  • Your similarity score will appear as a percentage next to your submitted file.
  • Contact your chair and instructor to discuss your topic of interest.


Rubric for Phenomenon of Interest for DNP Scholarly Project

Rubric for Phenomenon of Interest for DNP Scholarly Project
Criteria This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Ratings Pts
 Development:The paper has a clear introduction, and covers the directions completely. Key Elements points 1-5 are explicit and well developed. 30 30.0 pts
Style: Is the paper thoughtful and original? Does the author’s voice come through? Are there very few (1-2) direct quotes? 5 5.0 pts
Does each paragraph begin with a topic sentence? Do the sentences beyond the topic sentence flow logically from the first sentence? 5 5.0 pts
Organization: Do the paragraphs build on each other in a logical way, one paragraph building on the next? Are there appropriate transitions between paragraphs? 5 5.0 pts
APA Format: Include a title page; citations in text (as applicable); references (as applicable). Demonstrates integration of course literature. 10 10.0 pts
Are the rules of grammar followed (as described in the APA book) with few errors? 10 10.0 pts
Formatting: Does the paper meet the length and margin requirements? Appropriate style and size of font? 10 5.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Spelling, Editing/Proofing. 10 5.0 pts
Total Points: 85.0



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