Diversity Essay

Nursing Diversity Essay . Diversity Essay for Nursing Professionals

This assignment Students will be required to explore the social and healthcare beliefs and traditions of 4 ethnic groups to include one from the United States (African American), one Hispanic, one Middle Eastern, and one Asian. expected to examine each group in some detail, compare similarities and differences between the groups, and compare one group to the student’s own ethnic background (African American). There is a rubric for this assignment to guide you. The paper MUST be written in APA style; spelling, punctuation, and grammar will also be graded. The paper must be submitted through Turnitin and cannot have more than 25% shared content with other sources.

1. Introduction

Must clearly defines the focus of the paper with specific areas to be explored, the topics that will be be discussed, and the impact this topic has on nursing care.

2. Attitudes Regarding Health and Preferred Healthcare Provider

Considering the ethnic groups chosen, must answer the following questions. What are the group’s attitudes and beliefs related to health? (evil spirits, imbalance in body, disease or infection, etc) What is the first thing they do when they become ill? (home remedies, call a local or faith healer, go to the doctor, etc) Are there specific strategies or rituals that should be performed? Detailed discussion and comparison with examples for each question and each group receives full credit.

3. Social Structure of the Groups/Who Makes Care Decisions

Must Discuss how the social structure of each group influences health care decisions. Does the patient make their own decisions or does a senior family member or group leader decide? Are there unique remedies the group uses or prefers? How are groups similar or different? Provide examples in your answers and discuss issues surrounding the use of such remedies.

4. Nursing Considerations

Looking at the topics above, consider how this information could influence how you care for these patients. How will you evaluate various observations, conditions, or unusual responses? Are there dietary, religious, or endemic diseases for a group that need to be considered. What questions do you need to ask before formulating a care plan or discharge plan? What resources might you consider when teaching your patient to improve health and compliance?

5. Conclusions/APA, Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

Must Give a brief summary of each group and their beliefs on healthcare. The student should provide a detailed discussion of what they have learned personally and their conclusions regarding how their beliefs or traditions can impact caring for patients of various ethnic backgrounds. No more than 3 spelling errors, 3 grammar errors, 3 punctuation errors, or 3 APA errors in the paper.

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