Disciplinary Assignment

Using Exhibit 14-1 as a guide write up the following discipline action. Complete the disciplinary forms providing initial counseling, oral warning, written warning, suspension without pay and discharge using the facts of the case below. Please provide specific steps you would follow as a manager as you proceed with the disciplinary process. and also answer the following questions: 1.Why should corrective action be taken as soon as possible and practical following an infraction? 2.Why is it inadvisable to skip steps in the disciplinary process leading up to an employee’s involuntary termination? 3.Why do senior executives require no significant disciplinary action be implemented without involvement of the HR department? Facts: A Nurse, Susie causes trouble on the unit, complains about other workers and does not complete tasks assigned on 9-14. . Charge Nurse, Helen brings issue to your attention on 9-15. You are the Department Head. Two other employees, Fred and Cindy bring issue to your attention on 9-16. Charge nurse, Helen tells you Nurse Susie is still not getting along with the team members and not doing her work on 10-1. Two other employees, Fred and Cindy tell you Nurse Susie not doing work again last night and bring issue to your attention on 10-2 Nurse, Susie has a blow up with another employee, Charlie on 10-10. There are witnesses to the blow up. Charlie, Fred, Cindy and Helen and two family members. Nurse, Susie was terminated on 10-13 by Supervisor Nurse Helen

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