Diabetes among Americans Ethnic Communities

You should address each bullet point in the exercise you select.
Your work should have in-text citations integrating at a minimum one scholarly article from this
week’s readings and course textbook.
APA format should be utilized to include a reference list.
Correct grammar, spelling, and APA should be adhered to when writing, work should be scholarly
without personalization or first-person use.
Respond with a minimum of two (2) paragraphs of 4-5 sentences each.

Exercise 2.5
Diabetes affects a growing number of Americans. You have been invited to join a collaborative of
community agencies interested in tackling diabetes from a community perspective.
•What resources will you use to identify different outcomes related to diabetes?
•What outcomes related to diabetes are of most interest to community members?
•How will you compare the outcomes you select to monitor at the local level with state and
national outcomes?
Use this reference from reading –
“ The number of American adults treated for DM more than doubled between 1996 and 2007
(from about 9 to 19 million)”.
In – text citation – Reference: Curley, L. A., & Vitale, A. P. (2016). Population-based nursing:
Concepts and competencies for advanced practice (2 nd ed.). New York; NY, Springer Publishing

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