Community Assessment Paper Proposal



General Instructions:

Students will write a 3 – 4 page paper proposal that identifies and describes the community to be assessed in the community assessment paper. A demographic overview, map of the location designated and APA reference list is a part of the proposal. Map and reference list are not part of the page count.

Preliminary Reference List is required (2010 and later) for this assignment (Some references are possible to change if needed and or relevant:

A minimum of 6 references is required. Students will research a chosen topic within the community using professional empirically based knowledge obtained from professional journals, books, the course text, local community assessments such as the United Way, the CDD (Center for Disease Control), or other governmental organizations that provide professionally supported data.

The following content & format MUST be followed.

I. Cover Page (APA)

II. Introduction

III. Demographic


A. Identify and discuss selected topic. Why interest in selected topic? (See community assessment paper rubric or syllabus for suggested topics/locations).

B. Identify and discuss location area. Why did you select this particular area?

C. Summary – Include reference to at least two of the six the core values of NASW code of ethics.

D. Location Map – Students may go to Google map or perhaps the interest site to obtain a map of the location area.

E. Reference list (APA) 2010 and later.

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