Classification Systems and Data Quality

Write a short paper explaining the impact of clinical classification systems and clinical
terminologies on improving data quality and communication in
healthcare. Discuss the ways in which classification systems may be used to support clinical and
administrative data uses in the healthcare delivery system.
Specifically, your short paper should address the following critical elements:
Compose an introduction on the function of clinical classifications systems and terminologies.
Explain how clinical classification systems and terminologies improve data quality and
communication in healthcare.
Provide two examples of the ways in which these classification systems and terminologies support administrative and clinical functions within a
healthcare delivery system.
In the Module Three small group discussion activity, you practiced mapping with different
scenarios. Using these scenarios, provide examples of where
common errors could have occurred, and explain the implications as to why accurate mapping is
essential. Within your paper, you will want to consider
the implications of inaccuracies on billing, patient safety, and patient care.
*Health Information Management: Concepts, Principles, and Practice, Chapter 5
Healthcare Terminologies and Classifications: Essential Keys to Interoperability:

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