Article Critique Using ANA Framework

Using ANA Framework to Critique an Article 


Choose one of the articles listed in Resources or find a peer reviewed research article on the topic of Interprofessional collaboration.
Read and critique the article
Write a 4-5 page paper addressing each of the items in the ANA Framework for How to Read and Critique a Research Study (see below). Analyze the study carefully and draw conclusions based upon evidence. Use correct APA formatting including a cover sheet and reference page.
ANA Framework for How to Read and Critique a Research Study
Critiquing the research article
Title – Does it accurately describe the article?
Abstract – Is it representative of the article?
Introduction – Does it make the purpose of the article clear?
Statement of the problem – Is the problem properly introduced?
Purpose of the study – Has the reason for conducting the research been explained?
Research question(s) – Is/are the research question(s) clearly defined and if not, should they be?
Theoretical framework – Is the theoretical framework described? If there is not a theoretical framework, should there be?
Literature review – Is the literature review relevant to the study, comprehensive, and include recent research? Does the literature review support
the need for the study?
Methods – Is the design appropriate for the study? Does the sample fit with the research design and is the size sufficient? Was a data collection instrument needed? How were data collected? Were reliability and validity accounted for?
Analysis – Is the analytical approach consistent with the study questions and research design?
Results – Are the results presented clearly in the text, tables and figures? Are the statistics clearly explained?
Discussion – Are the results explained in relationship to the theoretical framework, research questions, and the significance to nursing?
Limitations – Are the limitations presented and their implications discussed?

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