ANA and IHA Legislative Proposal (Illinois Bill)

In February 2020, ANA and IHA introduced a legislative proposal that gives nurses a voice when determining appropriate staffing levels at their hospitals.

The proposal is based on conditions and acuity needs for their patients.

The proposal SB 3636 is a bipartisan effort to strengthen the Nurse Staffing by Patient Acuity Act and is aimed at improving quality and patient safety through a partnership between direct care nurses and other stakeholders within the hospital (Nurse Staffing Improvement Act of 2020-SB3636, February 20, 2020).

Discuss and reflect upon SB3636 in regards to how this bill, if passed can either positively or negatively affect care (nursing, patient, budgeting, reimbursement, etc.) within the field you are interested into entering.

A rubric has been posted to provide guidance. website to bill SB3636

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