Advance Nursing Practice (APN) Nursing Competencies

What are Nursing Competencies of Advance Nursing Practice (APN) (750 words).

1.Apply Critical Thinking Skills & Techniques

2.Develop Holistic Plans of Nursing Care

3.Participate in Collaborative Practice

4.Incorporate Evidence-Based Research into Decision Making

5.Analyze Current Patient Care Technologies

6.Evaluate interaction between regulatory and quality controls in obtaining holistic plans of nursing care consistent with Healthy People national guidelines

7.Employ leadership skills among health team members to maximize patient advocacy and patient health outcomes

8.Formulate client-centered and culturally appropriate strategies in nursing standards of care for optimal health outcomes

9.Apply multidisciplinary knowledge from psychological, physiological, health and social sciences across the life span from selected health problems

Also note:

10.How the Grand Rounds and Final Project Assisted in Attainment of these Competencies

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