Administrative Collaborative Health Project: Population-based Care on a Hospital COVID Unit


Develop and implement an administrative collaborative health project that will contribute to the student’s ability to achieve the course objectives and outcomes and benefit the organization. The student will assess the need for the project, develop and implement the project. The project will be presented to the targeted audience or recipients of the project.

Title and description of my project: Administrative Collaborative Health Project: Population-based care in the hospital on a COVID Unit – Population-based care enables Collaborative Care Teams to focus on patients who aren’t improving or responding well to their treatments….testing, bedding, utilization, treatment, disparities, studies, nursing retention, assignments.

Please see attachment(Discussion board attachment) and information for guidance of content and organizing paper.

The criteria for the written portion of this assignment is as follows:

1. Introduction and description of the project Issue or need for the project

2. Describe the collaborative component of the project

3. Target audience for the project

4. Objectives for the project

5. Development and implementation strategies

6. Materials used in project activity

7. Evaluation methods and outcomes of project

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