Theology and philosophy

1. Read the following pages first Bible: Gen 1:1—3:24. Kugel: The Creation of the World (53-64); Adam and Eve (67-82). Pearl: Who Created the World? (7-9); Creation Out of Nothing (10-12); What is Man? (16-18). 2. writhe the paragraph for the following instruction: In popular understanding in the US today, media headlines show that there are profound differences in the way people understand the first three chapters of Genesis. The readings this week show that Jewish interpretation does not emphasize a scientific approach to understanding these narratives. Rather, Jewish interpretation sees various theological and philosophical points. Referring to the assignments this week, discuss the nature of the relationship that is portrayed between God and humanity. In addition, how do the readings point to the way in which people ought to live in this world? In this discussion, explain what you understand the role of God to be in the world and the type of relationship God has with the earth and everything in it. In addition, what can readers conclude about what makes life meaningful and good? Strengthen your arguments with references to specific texts–in your own words, or with the occasional quotation.

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