Disney Documentary

Description: : Watch and take notes on the documentary Disney: The Fairy Tale Years. Then complete #1 – 4 below. Summary/Response: Double spaced, 2 pages min./2 ½ max. I have attached the paper with instructions, make sure its MLA and well written following all steps asked on the paper Information for the Last part #3: ” I am an Arab kid that went to an american school so throughout my childhood i was surrounded by Disney cartoons and american folk tales and animations. I also believe fairly tales give people a sense of belief and faith for the unimaginable and express a new level of creativity.” Also please cite the documentary and use it for the part one and two summary in the essay; Skeet, Brian. “Disney: The Fairy Tale Years.” Youtube, 22 Sept. 1992, https.www.youtube.com/watch?v=442R2kl1s_8 • Format: MLA

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